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Professionally Designed & Tested Golf Training Products

Based in Central Texas, we are players and developers of top performing, fully interactive game advancement tools. With more than 20 years of industry experience, our team has developed 3 brand new products that accelerate game improvement instantly. The ProStryke swing-sequence machine assists players of all levels to maximize distance and accuracy through Impact Zone Mastery. We've also invented a putting aid called Putt Blue which directs you to achieve the perfect putting stroke. Our third product--the Golfers Window--is a target sighting aid. It shows you how to hit your intended target frequently, no matter the yardage of the shot. This trainer solves the parallel-line dilemma that most players don't understand.

All of our products are 100% American Made and built by us right here in Texas.

ProStryke On Golf Swing At Home

Use the ProStryke to perfect your golf swing at home, in your office, or on the driving range. Impact Zone Mastery is the Number 1 ingredient to Achieve Maximum Distance and Accuracy!




Putting Training Aid

Perfect your putting stroke in minutes and reduce your score immediately by practicing with our putting aid. The Putt Blue helps you calibrate your putting stroke to the perfect speed, distance, break and alignment on any green.

Putt Blue

ProStryke With Its Head Tilted Sideward

Teach yourself how to release your golf club and golf ball properly, like a professional, at the intended target, every time with Golfers Window.

Golfers Window

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Mission Statement

Our mission...make the game more enjoyable, less complicated, and understandable for accelerated improvement and enjoyment of the game! We are lifelong golf enthusiasts dedicated to the study, understanding, simplification, and advancement of the game of golf for all who aspire to grow in the game. We want to make you better at the game of golf, and we clearly understand that everyone has a limited amount of time, a defined skill set and an accelerated desire to gain and maintain positive results quickly.

Maximize distance and gain supreme accuracy!  We have mastered incorporating the cause and effect of the primary swing flaws directly into our interactive training aids. We transfer our lifelong passion for people and the game, our technical understanding of the game, and our equipment knowledge to create low cost, fully interactive game advancement tools that offer immediate, noticeable game improvement. Ultimately, we want to assist you with eliminating the "technical" component of the game of golf through our proprietary techniques which were developed as a player, inventor, manufacturer, and practitioner of the game.


Thank you for your interest. Please contact us with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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